The history of today's 4-star Hotel DAS ZWÖLFERHAUS in Saalbach-Hinterglemm

From the chronicle of the Zwölferhaus on the Zwölferkogel

There's always a story behind a business run by a family for many years. Find out more about how the 4-star Hotel DAS ZWÖLFERHAUS became what it is today.

The rise of today's 4-star Hotel DAS ZWÖLFERHAUS, once simply called the Zwölferhaus, went hand in hand with the development of Hinterglemm town in the Salzburger Land region, Austria. Ernst Bachmann, a lumberjack, and his wife Lisl, a farm girl, built a small home for their family in 1949. They called it the "Zwölferhaus" because it was built at the base of the Zwölferkogel mountain. This house was largely built by their own hands, even the bricks were produced from the materials of the river that flows past.

Initially a guest house...

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In the following year camp beds were set up in the free rooms and small groups of school children were accommodated. A ski lift was built right near the house, which started running in February 1951 and made a third of the Zwölferkogel mountain accessible. As a result, more and more skiers came to the house who also wanted to be catered for.

It soon transpired that there was not enough space for the rising number of guests. As a result, the Zwölferhaus was extended by an inn and several camp beds in 1952. Ernst and Lisl Bachmann applied for a hotel permit, which they received in 1957. Resulting in the second hotel in Hinterglemm.

From the Zwölferhaus to the 4-star Hotel DAS ZWÖLFERHAUS

In the meantime more and more skiers were spending their winter holiday at the Zwölferhaus, who soon became regular guests and returned again for many years. It was always great fun at the Zwölferhaus and for one or two people the evenings when Ernst played the zither and Lisl the guitar were simply unforgettable, especially when Lisl impressed guests with her songs and wonderful voice.

Another extension was built in the same year to be able to organise events. A few years later (1960) a second building was erected which was connected to the existing house. In the meantime it had become necessary to offer rooms with all the comforts as demand was constantly growing.

The number of summer guests was also getting higher. As a result the hotel was open all year round for guests and locals who really liked coming to the Zwölferhaus.

Major conversions and new designs

In 1972 the business in Hinterglemm was taken over by Ernst Bachmann jun. and his wife Jenny. This was followed by years of building work. There were conversions, new designs, extensions to the Zwölferhaus and more rooms with all the comforts. The guest rooms were also given a face lift with the aim of preserving the old cosiness.

All the rooms were modernised, comfortably furnished and extended in 1998. The building of a modern wellness complex followed just a few years later. So that the lobby was also in keeping with the times, the hotel's entrance area and reception were redesigned in 2006. Finally the conversion of the restaurant was completed in autumn 2010. In doing so, one of our special priorities was and is to preserve the cosy, traditional character.

After several conversions and extensions the Zwölferhaus, the former lumberjack's home, resulted in the comfortable 4-star Hotel DAS ZWÖLFERHAUS.

A family run hotel with tradition in Saalbach-Hinterglemm

You could also soon experience the informal feeling of being at home in the family-run Hotel DAS ZWÖLFERHAUS on your holiday. Send us your non-binding enquiry and we will take care of making you the right offer!

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