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Sometimes one needs to return to the original. Having long been run under the name “Hotel Zwölfer”, the charming, family-run 4-star-hotel at the base of the Zwölferkogel mountain now regains its original name which has long been familiar to the local people: The Hotel Zwölfer becomes DAS ZWÖLFERHAUS.

While “DAS ZWÖLFERHAUS” has long been a local other name of the Hotel Zwölfer and thus was assigned the status of an unofficial name, the original name now moves to the first position again. The Hotel Zwölfer can now officially be found under its name DAS ZWÖLFERHAUS in the holiday village of Hinterglemm. With this name change, the Hotel Zwölfer returns to its tradition and its development. For the people in the village, the Hotel Zwölfer has always been DAS ZWÖLFERHAUS – the name that the grandparents of the current hosts once gave to the house.

DAS ZWÖLFERHAUS: How it all began

The first ZWÖLFERHAUS was born in 1949 when Ernst Bachmann and his wife Lisl, the grandparents of today’s hotel owners, built a small home for the family in Hinterglemm in the Salzburg Alps. As guests who had come to the stunning mountain world were soon looking for accommodation, in 1952 the ZWÖLFERHAUS was extended by a pub and some beds.

Many of the first guests became regulars and returned for many years after. After all, from the beginning the hosts of the ZWÖLFERHAUS liked to have a merry time with the guests. The long winter evenings became unforgettable when Ernst and Lisl played and sang music with zither and guitar, creating a hearty atmosphere.

After the erection of an annex and an additional building, the rooms could already be offered with more comfort. In 1972, the business was taken over by Ernst Bachmann jun. and his wife Jenny. Reconstructions, new designs and extensions to the ZWÖLFERHAUS followed, and also more rooms with all the comforts were built.

In 1998, the rooms were renovated, comfortably furnished and extended. With the building of a modern spa area, the growing need for a place to relax and recreate was answered.

Throughout all the reconstructions, extensions and renovations, the hosts always felt strongly about keeping the cosy and traditional character of today’s Hotel Zwölfer.

How the name of DAS ZWÖLFERHAUS and the Hotel Zwölfer was born

The names of places and houses are not only linked to history but can also often tell a story themselves. Therefore, with its name DAS ZWÖLFERHAUS, the Hotel Zwölfer comes a little closer to its origin. Much older is its geographical name giver, the Zwölferkogel mountain in Hinterglemm. As today’s Hotel Zwölfer was erected right at the base of the mountain, where today there is also the valley station of the Zwölferkogelbahn, it was called DAS ZWÖLFERHAUS. The Zwölferkogel mountain itself always bore the number in its name. The mountain’s name, which can not only be found in Hinterglemm, stems from the fact that the sun stands right above the summit of this mountain, the Zwölferkogel, at 12 noon, when observed from the village.

The name DAS ZWÖLFERHAUS stands for the things that were important from the beginning and are also passed on to our guests today: familiar wellbeing, joy, hospitality and cosiness. Get to know the charm of a hotel grown with its history for yourself and send a no-obligation enquiry to DAS ZWÖLFERHAUS. 

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