Mountain panorama ski circus Saalbach Hinterglemm

Hiking package

  • 3, 4 or 7 nights
  • Zwölferhaus gourmet half-board with sumptuous breakfast buffet, snack time in the afternoon and 5-course evening menu
  • Voucher for an "Alm-Jausn" snack at the Rosswaldhütte
  • Relaxation in the SKY wellness area
  • Workout in the "Kraftwerk" fitness lounge
from € 252,- per person
Hiking panorama Saalbach Hinterglemm

 3 nights4 nights7 nights
Studio NATURZEIT€295€410€675
Studio BERGZEIT€310€430€709
Double room NATURZEIT€325€450€742
Junior suite TRAUMZEIT€340€470€775
Junior suite BERGZEIT€355€490€808
Suite RELAXZEIT€370€510€842
Stone pine suite BERGZEIT€385€530€875
Stone pine suite WOHLFÜHLZEIT€400€550€908
Stone pine suite KUSCHELZEIT€415€570€941
Stone pine suite VERWÖHNZEIT€430€590€975
Family suite GENUSSZEIT€445€610€1.008

 3 nights4 nights7 nights
Studio NATURZEIT€267€352€609
Studio BERGZEIT€280€370€640
Double room NATURZEIT€294€388€672
Junior suite TRAUMZEIT€307€406€703
Junior suite BERGZEIT€320€424€735
Suite RELAXZEIT€334€442€766
Stone pine suite BERGZEIT€348€460€798
Stone pine suite WOHLFÜHLZEIT€360€478€830
Stone pine suite KUSCHELZEIT€375€496€860
Stone pine suite VERWÖHNZEIT€388€514€892
Family suite GENUSSZEIT€402€532€924

 3 nights4 nights7 nights
Studio NATURZEIT€250€330€570
Studio BERGZEIT€264€349€603
Double room NATURZEIT€278€367€634
Junior suite TRAUMZEIT€290€385€665
Junior suite BERGZEIT€305€403€697
Suite RELAXZEIT€318€420€729
Stone pine suite BERGZEIT€332€439€759
Stone pine suite WOHLFÜHLZEIT€345€457€792
Stone pine suite KUSCHELZEIT€359€475€823
Stone pine suite VERWÖHNZEIT€372€493€855
Family suite GENUSSZEIT€386€510€885

Rates per person and package for two occupants, excluding local tax of € 2 per person/night (from the age of 15). Services not used may not be redeemed for cash.

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