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Freeriding in Saalbach
Downhill events in Saalbach © Nathan Hughes

The Bike-Circus Saalbach-Hinterglemm is undoubtedly one of the greats on the scene, in the truest sense of the word. Whatever freeriders, downhillers and mountain bikers are looking for Saalbach-Hinterglemm offers a unique paradise with a whole variety of trails. What are you waiting for?

You get out of the lift, unload your freeriding or downhill bike and roll to the start of the downhill trail that ensures an adrenaline rush through your body. A last check of your equipment, you push off and start your adventurous ride. A number of trails await you in Saalbach-Hinterglemm that you won't forget for a long time to come.

adidas freeriding with the Pro Line and Blue Line on the Reiterkogel

The Pro Line and Blue Line are considered to be real veterans among Saalbach-Hinterglemm's freeriding trails. When everything was first developing around the Glemm Valley, some bike park shapers were already tinkering on lines in the forest on the Reiterkogel. The Blue Line is aimed at not so experienced freeriders and has a playful character. Flowing steep bends, easy tables and stylish waves safely whet beginners' appetites.

If you are one of the more advanced, then you should switch to the Pro Line, which has the same starting point as the Blue Line. Here bike professionals take on the challenge of root mats, rocks, steep bends, jumps, doubles, North shore elements and nasty steep steps.

Z-Line powered by TREK on the Zwölferkogel

In 2013 the Zwölferkogel got its own freeriding line, which can almost be considered to be the Hotel DAS ZWÖLFERHAUS's home trail. The cable car takes you and your bike almost directly from the hotel to the Zwölferkogel cable car middle station where the fabulous view briefly distracts you from your actual mission. The Z-Line offers a mixture of freeriding action, all mountain fun and mountain biking tours. Thanks to different versions, hardened freeriders can appreciate this just as much as beginners and tour bikers. Steep bends, jumps, wall rides, tables and North shore elements line the trail but all the obstacles can be ridden round without any problems. One highlight is also the action snapshot spot in the upper third right next to a huge wall ride along the trail. Just before the end of the Z-Line there is the opportunity to branch off towards a pump track and the riding technique training site.

X-Line powered by CONTI on the Schattberg

The king of freeriding trails in Saalbach-Hinterglemm should not be underestimated. At 6.3 km long and a difference in altitude of 1,025 metres it is one of Europe's longest freeriding trails and requires appropriate strength and fitness levels. In the first section of the X-Line, which winds from the peak of the Schattberg down to the Schattberg-Express bottom station, it is flowing and playful. From the middle station the line leads into the forest and steep terrain over North shores, jumps and tables. But don't worry, the most difficult obstacles can also be ridden around. Just before the end you can either choose the Adidas slope style run or the relaxing forest trail.

You should definitely visit the Westgipfelhütte mountain inn on the Schattberg for a relaxing detour. Besides the stunning panorama and breathtaking views over the valley, you can enjoy wonderful food here. From the Westgipfelhütte inn bikers can also find alternative routes over the Hacklberg and Bergstadl trails.

Milka Line on the Kohlmais

The Milka Line is the best tip when it comes to a route for adults and children in Saalbach-Hinterglemm. On easy to ride steep bends you can practise your cornering technique and casual jumps and safe wooden elements introduce beginners to the action of the freeriding scene. The trail starts near the Kohlmais middle station and runs over fields, forest and the ski slopes to the Kohlmais bottom station where a souvenir photo is taken.

The Hacklberg trail

The legendary Hacklberg trail's reputation goes way beyond the mountains and over the Austrian border. A pleasant incline and countless waves and jumps turn the single trail into a playground for stylers and mountain bikers. A beautiful single trail topped off with an unbeatable panorama out of a picture book, which offers the very finest freeriding adventure over 6 kilometres.

The Bergstadl trail

Enduro riders and freeriders have their fun on the Bergstadl trail. The trail starts at the Schattberg's western peak and shares its first section with the Hacklberg trail. You then head through the landscape with many bends. In doing so, the many technical challenges demand your full concentration and riding skills.


Five cable cars, five mountains around Saalbach-Hinterglemm and Leogang: the BIG-5-BIKE-CHALLENGE offers cross-country and enduro riders as well as freeriders biking fun for a whole day over approx. 65 kilometres. Riders can also virtually experience the tour afterwards online at home, download the photos from the snapshot stations and share them with friends as well as collect badges to enter the Challengers' Hall of Fame.

For the BIG-5-BIKE-CHALLENGE simply swap the JOKER CARD for a key card, to use the cable cars.

Wieserauberg riding technique training site

From hairpin bends to steep downhill you can train for the challenges on the trails without any major risk on the riding technique training site. Either on your own, with friends or with a trained bike guide who can give you professional tips.

Leogang bike park

Even more action awaits you behind the mountain: you have a direct link to the Leogang bike park with the cable car. You can bike at a world-class level at one of the best and most challenging bike parks in the world. At the end of the day, the UCI Mountain Bike World Championships were hosted there in 2012. A combination of a world championships downhill trail, freeriding routes, natural single trails, a phat dirt park and bars and shops will get any freerider's pulse racing.

Are your legs already twitching and you want nothing more than to get on your bike to Saalbach-Hinterglemm? Then look forward to staying at the Hotel DAS ZWÖLFERHAUS, which besides its comfortable rooms and informal atmosphere also scores with its location right in the middle of the hiking and mountain bike area. Our beneficial wellness facilities also offer a relaxing balance. Make your non-binding enquiry now!

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